Year III

Study on Cubism II

Oil on Oilpad, 30x40

Oil on Oilpad, 30×40   Cubism is a story more than 100 years old. In my perception it was surpassed as early as 1912 when Duchamp completed his “Nude Descending Stairs No2”. What Duchamp did, was apart from fracturing the object – environment barrier, he transcribed in his painting something that Picaso, Braque, Griss and others of the time lacked. Movement. And this sense of movement is achieved by repetition of forms, and tonal codes, something that can be seen also in other more static works of his. Nonetheless, I am finding out that no matter how “cerebral” cubism might be, or pure “method” it is not an easy task, and certainly one that needs a lot of time and effort to accomplish. This particular one failed on at least two aspects; Size, the motive created very small cells that were not easy to handle, and Environment, the repetition of codes surrounding the object freezes the picture instead of giving it movement. More so the environment failed to merge with the form, and despite its fracture the form remains detached from the background.


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