Year III

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Abstract II, Oil on Canvas, 20×30



Entropy II, Acrylic on Paper, 30×40

Entropy II Man and Boat

Entropy I, Acrylic on Paper, 30×40

Entropy I Man and Boat

“Blue in Green”, Oil on Canvas, 80×80

Blue in green”  It is said that Bill Evans wrote this and when he asked Davis to award him the related royalties Davis wrote him a check for 25 dollars.

I maxed the headphones and loaded the palette with cadmium yellow, utramarine deep, prussian blue, and blue black. …


Abstract III, “Carousel” [Acrylic on Paper]

Abstract III

“Carousel”, Acrylic on Paper [30 x 40]

Abstract II, “Carousel” [Acrylic on Paper]

Abstract II

“Carousel II” Acrylic on Fine Coated Paper [30×40]

Abstract I “Carousel” [Acrylic on Paper]

Abstract I

“Carousel I”, Acrylic on Paper [30×40]