Year III

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Phil Diamond “Not to touch the earth” [The Doors cover]

I dont often post music. But I am bias with this guy… and he used some of my quick sketches.


Quick Sketches Phil Diamond


Some quick sketches I did for a friend original and remastered…

Phil DiamondPhil DiamondPhil DiamondPhil DiamondPhil Diamond

Digital Effects XI [Pen and Paper Scetches]

130x70 Canvas Printed Pen on Paper

Youhaveahole” [Negative + Bloom Effect] – Triptych

130×70, canvas printed pen on paper

Digital Effects X [Pen and Paper Scethces]

"YouhaveaHole" [Negative RGB]

“YouhaveaHole” [Negative RGB] – Triptych

Digital Effects IX [Pen and Paper Scetches]

"YouHaveAhole"  [Negative + Bloom Effect]

“YouHaveAhole” [Negative + Bloom Effect]

Digital Effects VIII [Pen and Paper Scetches]

"EyesWideShut" [Red Negative + Focal Zoom]

“EyesWideShut” [Red Negative + Focal Zoom]

Digital Effects VII [Pen and Paper Sketches]

"Triple Bandage" [Infrared]

“Triple Bandage” [Infrared]

Digital Effects VII [Pen and Paper Sketches]

"NoWords" [Red Negative Effect]

“NoWords” [Red Negative + Cinemascope Effect]

Digital Effects VI [Pen and Paper Scetches]

"Eyes Wide Open" [Neon + Holga Filter Effects]

“Eyes Wide Open” [Neon + Holga Filter Effects]