Year III

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Oil on Paper

Oil on Paper


Oil Exercise XXX [Field work – Gazi]

Oil on Canvas [40x50]

Oil on Canvas [40×50]

Oil Exercise XXIX [Olive Trees]

Oil on Canvas [40x50]

Oil on Canvas [40×50]

Oil Exercise XX

Seascape, Oil on paper canvas

Seascape, Oil on paper canvas

OIl Exercise XIX

Seascape exercise,  Oil on   paper canvas

Seascape exercise, Oil on paper canvas

Oil Exercise XVIII


Kardamyloi, Messinia

Oil Exercise XVI, P. Gaugain [Haystack Near Arles]

Gauguin Haystack near Arles


5. Gaugen


Oil Exercise XV – Progress

By demand of a friend I’m posting snapshots of the progress of this…

Original photograph (Directions “Copy freely, remaining loyal only to the colours”  (Yeah right!) 1-diafora0303

Preparing the workstation. Brushes (DaVinci College No.12 I only used one brush for this), pine turpentine, oil colours (Ferarrio Oil Master: Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue Dark, Violet, Titanium White), 30×40 WnN paper canvas  1-SAM_1844Did a quick drawing on the paper to get a “feeling” where everything will be placed. This will be covered later completely, so it does not have to be precise or nice. This is not even necesary, but it helps me, or I just like pencil drawing.

1-SAM_18461-SAM_1848Layed an undercoat of very thin, liquid state paint, disolved to a “runny” stage with turpentine. Usualy a colour close to the tones of the painting.1-SAM_1850Applied the sketch using a soft pencil (<2B). I like to be as precise as possible with the sketches, although this is generally wrong and should be avoided, since nothing of this will be “visible” at the end and it is completely against the mentality of oil painting. But I like drawing… 1-SAM_1851Started with the dark areas on this. Trying to get a sense of where the darkest areas lay, desaturating the colours going backwards to create a sense of “depth”1-SAM_1852Finalizing the paint, this needs some refining. Iusually lay the work to rest for a few hours, a day or so, this helps to “reset” my view on the work, and then go back and correct a few things that they dont feel “right”, or undo unwanted optical illusions.

“Aeriko” – Oil Exercise XIV



Oil on Paper Canvas

Oil on Paper Canvas

Painting another tree green will drive me insane. So did some color swaping… Funny results


Oil Exercise XIII



9. Sezanne